by Olabayo J. Awodirepo

2019 was indeed a wonderful year full of challenges, hits and misses. I am not the type who writes New Year resolutions, but at the beginning of 2019, I did pen down a few things I would like to get done before the year would run out and to each goal, I assigned a time frame. Reflecting on the things I wrote down, I realize that I got some done within the time frame attached to it while some were done outside the time frame I gave them.
I would like to share a bit of my experience in 2019 with you and you will also do same in the comment box. Cool, yeah?
  • One of my major challenges in 2019 was time management. I seemed to have too many things on my table and 24 hours looked like something too small to get them all done. But guess what? I didn’t let my eyes shift away from my goals. I can say that I achieved almost all the things I wrote down as my New Year resolution though some were achieved outside the time Frame assigned to them.

  • Procrastination is another thing that almost robbed me of some things. Although, I still got a number of things done very well after procrastinating even if it means taking all the night for them, but the overwhelming stress from the pressure of not starting on time was always present as my correction officer.
  • Balancing between giving and keeping money was also a challenge. I am the type who finds it difficult to ignore the urgent need of someone when it comes to finance. This affected me so much last year till the half part of the first quarter of this year. I would rather meet someone else’s need than to keep the money for my own use. I used to be like “well, there is no point keeping this money when there is someone who needs it right now” until I learnt from reading that I am not Jehovah Jireh who provides for the need of every man and I must learn how to say NO. So, I learnt to take my savings culture more serious. Though, I still compromised in some situations but I never touched my savings. The cash kept for feeding or shopping may have suffered for it but not my savings.
Above all, this is what I want us to go with as we proceed into 2020:
1.       Let your goals be realistic. This will help you to avoid unnecessary pressure, fears and regrets. Don’t aim at influencing one million lives when you barely have the capacity to touch 100 lives. I know you walk by faith, but be guided please.
2.      Be accountable to someone. This would actually give you reason to get some things done because you know there is someone to whom you need to give report. I believe in having a muse, something that would always want you to get something done against all odds. Let me cite an example as regards my savings plan… Thanks to my fiancee, I was able to have a tangible and stable savings plan. I know she’d always ask me what’s up about my savings and I wouldn’t want to be seen as not being serious with it. I had to sit up.
3.      Surround yourself with those who can challenge you and push you to work. A man can feel at ease when he has no challenger. As regards writing for example, don’t stay in one place and be feeling like a local champion. Mix with other writers, participate in writing prompts and competitions, make entries as much as you can and aim to achieve much more with people of same mind. Team work is another thing I just learnt during the last quarter of 2019 and this really helped me to achieve a number of things.
4.      Seek and acquire adequate knowledge. Read books. What you need to get that goal met is just a book away. I am not so good at reading books especially books that have no pictures in them. But whenever I decide to read I make sure I do so selectively. It could be an article, a simple quote, a poem or something really creative. I even learn from movies. I don’t just watch for the fun of it.
5.      Be your own motivation. This is very important because no one can motivate you better than you would do. When things become tough, let the goal drive you to triumph. I am a writer and a poet and I had the goal of writing and posting at least one meaningful things each day for all the 365 days of the year 2019 and this have I consistently done even during moments I was sick, moments I was so busy at work and moments I was busy preparing for my master’s exams in school. The goal never allowed me to back out.
6.   Know what works for you. On the aspect of getting a task done, I tried to watch and understand what works well for me. I give myself deadline before the deadline so I can do what I’m supposed to do. Thanks to my fiancee, I have someone to always challenge me and let me know I should do what needs to be done on time. Get yourself a reminder if that’s what would help you!
Can you also share your experience with me so I and others can learn from it? Kindly do so in the comment box.

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