Hello great people! I am really happy to write to you again after a while. I know you missed me (winks). I am also glad that you are being blessed by my write-ups; the feedback has been encouraging. I hope you are going to get value from what I have to share today.

Today’s episode is to remind you that the only thing that can stop you from fulfilling your purpose is you.

When I was much younger, I think I was in grade 5. My big brother explained a topic to me,  “gravity”. I was told that gravity is a force that pulls all object to itself. He continued teaching me and then, he said something that confused me so I had to ask a question. He said whatever is in the air must always come down and he gave an instance that when you jump, why you do not remain in the air is because of gravity.

My question was ‘why does gravitational force not pull birds and aeroplanes to itself’. He kept quiet for sometime. I guess he also did not know much about gravity as at that time. But he had to give me an answer so he said at least birds and aeroplanes come down. They don’t remain in the air all the days of their life. I was not satisfied with the answer. So, I asked my Basic science teacher and he said that birds fly easily because of upthrust.

Let’s cut the long story and move to the lesson to be learnt today. When that incident occurred, I was still growing so I did not pick any lesson from it but as I begin to grow older, I began to understand that since birds can fly on their own, nothing but themselves can stop them from flying.

You’re unstoppable

This means they are unstoppable. Just like the bird, we are also unstoppable. Nothing can bring you down except you. We must be determined and goal-driven so that we would not walk instead of flying. Nobody can put a net for a bird to fall inside, so nobody can bring you down if you are determined. Determination makes somebody do uncommon things. All great inventors we talk about today would have never been fulfilled without determination so, be determined.

Don’t forget, no one can stop you except you. Bye!

Damilola Esther Akiode was born on the 29th of April, 2008. She’s currently a JSS3 student of LeadWay Victory School Aloba Orogun Ibadan. She’s born into a Christian home where the fear of God, hardwork and love for humanity are parts of their core values. She likes reading, writing, speech delivery, teaching and learning new things. She also likes events planning. She dislikes any act of cheating or unrighteousness.

7 thoughts on “DIARY OF SISÍ DAMMY 012

  1. The write up is simple, but inspiring.
    If it’s not YOU that stops YOU, what else does?
    And everything, again boils down to finding purpose. If you truly discover yourself, the burning desire or the determination to wanting to forgo everything, even your life,in order to fulfill your purpose won’t be daunting.You will prove to yourself and be brave enough to go after your goals in real life.

    Prof. Awodirepo J.this Sìsi Sammy must be integrated in our WhatsApp platform please.

    This young girl is a rare gem.

    Thanks Sìsi Dammy for the write up.

    Keep the fire🔥 urning please Dammy. Ok!

  2. I got so engrossed with the story. Thank you sisi Dami for bringing out a lesson from your story. It’s really a beautiful one!

  3. Sisi Dammy, thank you so much for these words, I am determined, I will remain goal-driven. I agree that nobody can bring me down… Thank you for the reassurance.

  4. Whaoh, this is so inspiring. Thank God fornyour life. You are indeed a blessingbtonyour generation. Please keep it up, and do more. God bless you my dear.

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