Poetry Café is one of the biggest online poetry shows Witty Writers’ World has been hosting for the past few months. Being a show that blends poetry with music, seasons 1 and 2 of our Poetry Café witnessed wonderful poets, a saxophonist and a chanter (akéwì) who blessed our stage with their creative abilities.

This show has also been enjoying the continued support of Roaring Lion Newcastle Ltd, a UK based publishing company and PrintHub, an internationally known Nigeria based business startup that specializes in graphics design and printing.

Season 3 took place on the 5th of December, 2021 with the theme “SONGS OF HOPE”.

Damilola Makinde (The Musical Being) blessed us with sonorous songs of hope and we can’t recover from these blessings.

Angel Salt added the adequate amount of salt needed for us to enjoy this pot of stew filled with songs of hope.

Abimbola Ojurongbe-Alaka read wonderful poems from her collection of poems “Things father didn’t teach us” and her words sank into our mind that songs of hope have the power to revive our dying soul.

Favour Amubode (The One and Only) did justice to the show by giving us a wonderful spoken word poetry performance. She made us see there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

In case you missed the show, you can watch the replay here 👇 👇

Special thanks to the wonderful host, Olabayo Joshua Awodirepo (Witty_Pen) for a job well done.

Our appreciation to the Roaring Lion Newcastle Ltd and PrintHub for supporting Poetry Café, season 3.

We hope to see you all again next year as we may be singing the songs of love.

You can also watch the replay of the previous seasons below.

Season 2
Season 1

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