Poems, Short Stories and Write-ups 

Day  6


Our land is fruitless, 
our People are helpless, 
while our leaders…Clueless. 
How then shall we survive this, 
when the labours of our heroes past 
are already in vain? 
The leadership we desire is one in which 
a leader makes everything possible.
Now we’ve become Oblivious,
to the promises made to our fatherland 
to serve with love, strength and faith.
One Nation bound in freedom, peace, love 
and above all unity, is what we truly desire. 
© Youngfearlesswise


We are the chicks of zero wing,
we are fond of feeding vulture.
So there, we make him our king
for betterment, and to follow culture.
He preys on us instead of praying for us.

We wrap ourselves with fear and anxiety,
why can’t we change him for dove?
Yes! Not a man of frivolity
for dove will care and love
and hold our realm for us.

© βαπur


If wishes were horses to ride on,
I’d have journeyed from wishes to reality.
Decided to cook my stone still,
it could be done by tomorrow.
I dreamt of a nation,
loyal to law and respect for order;
where selflessness will sit to instruct.
Jefes whose name is witten,
with gold and well said of.
Leading us through wilderness,
to a desired home land.
I wish this lean cows will not;
swallow on the fat cows.
Wake up it’s morning,
beautiful dreams and wishes,
all I wish could be true.
© AfolaOluwa


We reject you oh king! Take it! 
Carry the calabash and parrot egg that 
signifies we no longer want you as our king. You’ve been rejected by God and man, 
do not bring anymore bad luck to us. 
Leave us Alone you’ve done us enough harm. 
We don’t want your type of leadership, 
we desire a good and selfless leader. 
We don’t want to be stagnant like you
Go! Leave us we can’t keep suffering because of you. 
We desire a brave and kind leader not a weakling like you. 
We desire the peace of mind that comes with good leadership. 
We desire a leader that will lead is to our own promise land. 
© Sanni omobolade


We want a country without stress, 
a country where we don’t have to press, 
a country filled with passion for success, 
a country that won’t settle for less. 
A life we don’t have to be brutalized, 
a life we don’t have to be oppressed, 
a life filled with liberty, 
a life we all depend on ourselves. 
Not being side tracked, 
not being silenced, 
not being controlled, 
not being disturbed. 
We want a dawn of happiness, 
we want an atmosphere of peace. 
We want a climate of courage
and never to sleep in fear of the unknown.
© Ifeoluwa 


If I was president,
my early morning speech would be 
a speech of hope to the hopeless.
I would kill corruption like I promised 
before I was elected. 
I would not allow my subordinate dictate 
the course of my cruise boat. 
I would serve my country with all my strength, honour and blood. 
I would preserve the lives of all my citizen with all my resource. 
I would be a leader for the people and not against the people.
The lives of my citizen would be valuable 
and they would be respected all over the world. 
I would put religion aside and focus on the well-being of my people. 
I would lead by example, 
I would be a servant leader 
I would listen to the cries of my people, 
and seek the voice of wisdom. 
If I was president.
© Benedicta Agagbo 


A time when the masses have a say 
in the way they’re governed, 
a time when the rich and the poor are equal, 
a time when leadership position won’t be a heirloom, 
a time when there is sincerity in every aspect of human life; 
a time when materialism won’t be everyone’s goal, 
a time when transparency and accountability is our watchword, 
a time when the Lord’s Words give us directives… 
This is when we will get the leadership we desire.
© Ummulkhayr


The leaders we desire 
are leader that will inspire us,
Leaders who do not mind starving themselves
to make sure their followers thrive. 
The kind of leaders we aspire 
are leaders who will truly lead by example,
Leaders who will stand in integrity
and protect their territories. 
The kind of leadership we aspire is that of an eagle
who will aspire to make all citizens equal, 
an eagle who will not only protect against external forces
but also strike the vices of corruption. 
© Eriikeoluwanimi


We all desire a perfectly good leader,
Yet always stuck with fairly good or really bad.
All our insecticides are taken to bring them down,
those termites from our national glory.
You pray, I pray,
but it seems God Is silent to the
prey of these predators who see us like ants.
In our despair, we always hope for a better leader,
then we fall for illustrious promises,
Imagined dreams and white elephant projects.
We work hard to make a better GDP,
they effectively give us crumbs and leftovers.
We desire leaders who don’t allow
the earth to steal our sweats in vain.
Our voices should be the call they listen to.
To become a giant tree to shield us from the sun.
©Sempiternal Melody Phoenix(S.M.P)


Oh! It was all a dream! 
The good roads, 
the best system. 
The free and fair election, 
the undiluted educational system. 
They were all nightmares.
Can my dreams ever come true? 
Can my desires be acquired?
Could this really be what I want? 
Oh! I dreamt again. 
The giving of relief packages to the expected, 
the giving of alms to the less privileged. 
The good educational system, 
the proper treatment to the affected during this pandemic. 
Can someone please wake me up? 
I desire a nation that is strong, 
I desire leaders not bosses 
I covet government of the people. 
Can my dreams ever come true? 
© Ebunife


Good heads that are lead
don’t like to be trampled under feet. 
The path lies ahead
and that journey of maze 
we must surely make to walk into feat,
shrouds fair and does laze.
What lion would dare to cause the deers to retreat?
Verbose visualisers in stampede, rough vicars 
that make no makes but move just cars?
Or those who leave us to drag in raggy tyres?
No! We need fingers that will hold hands 
and not just purloin us 
till we fall into shady hade with cruel strands.
Like we want what we know, we know what we want:
A hand that sows and nurtures as good seeds grow. 
A head that leads and intercedes
we all wait for the break from the den,
a move so gallant.
 © Oluwaseun


The country is hard;
the widows are sad,
youths are angry,
civil servants are crying.
Ruthless leadership, economic hardship, 
underperforming rulership, 
these are some of the attributes and things 
we are afflicted by with in my country. 
No one ever thought 
that the outcome of their election
could be this underhand. 
The widows might is denied, 
youth education is repudiatory.
Civil servants are unpaid and aging.
All these can only be of the past
when we get the leadership we DESIRE. 
© Instinctive


Good leadership begins with good followership.
As a successful project requires proper planning,
so do good leaders require efficient followers.
Although great leaders don’t emerge without trials.
Our greatest hope is to get that dream leader
with less regard to the manner of follower we are.
‘though unique leaders emerge from firm followers
who are ready to make sacrifices.
Show me a good community with a bad leader
and I’ll show you a community full of deceit.
Tell me of a good body with a bad head
and I’ll tell you of a body full of deception.
A leader who is upright in his decision,
whose decision in our absence is worthy of trust
with less regard to the disposition of our followership.
This is the manner of leaders we want.
© D-Antidote


So a boss doesn’t care,
nonchalant to the cries of the follower,
so selfish a being so rare. 
What I am feeling is not his palaver.
None can dare.
I paint the leader’s photo;
integrity is his watchword,
selfless act is his motto,
a servant and never a Lord. 
He cares less if you’re rich or from the ghetto
“Equality” he says “before the law”.
A leadership we desire,
driven by passion for the poor.
A boss-ship we acquire,
greed is his amour

Short Stories and Write-ups section


Everybody has some innate abilities to become a great leader but it depends on the perspective and orientation we have in order to unleash its great potentials.
Life gives us what we dream about and it also depends on our struggling to achieve it. This reflects on this quote from Vince Lombardi, states that “Leaders aren’t born, they’re made just like anything else through HARDWORKING, and this is what we will give to achieve this goal or any other goal”. 
Leadership calls for Self-discipline, Integrity, hardworking, Loyalty and other good attributes. What is your desire?

© Ogunbunmi Oluwashina Samson


We grew up believing that readers are leaders, that’s because reading simulates the picture of the experiences that gives Knowledge to lead. But it’s often very hard to find a true leader, this makes me wonder if most don’t actually read, but it obvious they do read, they read the speeches and read other things publicly. 
The only reason they can’t lead is because the are not true readers, the real readers are writers, those who understand the power of the pen as the wand of leadership. 
Writers are the right leaders, a writer reads with the mind to write(act). Only leaders who write have the licence to correct(edit), add(introduce) new and good rule in the culture of the people the rule. 
Writers are the real leaders we desire! 
© Jigs Michael


I was graced to witness yet another dawn in my country after my long voyage overseas. Morning in Jogbo has not changed, the daylight still breaks gently as always taking over from twilight to announce freedom. The birds still desert their nests to oust the crickets and announce the morning with their beautiful songs. Admirable!
Then what I had read from the news about Jogbo struck me again, suddenly the felicity of dawn left me. I had read that insugency ravaged the north and the south was insecure, Businesses were wounding up making unemployment rate to swell like garri also inflation befriends the economy and evidently the leaders aren’t concerned.
I learnt there is a ferocious hunger in the land sending many to thier early grave. They said while few swim in the ocean of wealth, many wallow in abject poverty. But we got our independence! Is this the self leadership we crave? 
© Afoo


As I sat down on my tattered chair drinking my soaked cassava flakes. I picked up the Newspaper I bought and started reading. As I read through my eyes caught the bold title of the news “EFCC investigates another case of pen robbery of 1.5 billion naira”. “What?”, I exclaimed, “1.5billion naira!”. 
My mind then travelled back to a long time ago where we all had selfless, upright, incorruptible leaders who fought wholeheartedly for our freedom. Who were lovers of others than themselves. In likes of Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Herbert Macaulay and many likes. “What a pity” I said to myself the earnest labour of our hero pasts are now seen drowning inside the red sea of bribery and corruption.
The leaders we all desire for are the ones who are ready to be tender lambs for our country not wild lions roaring and devouring our future.
© Ashade Grace (The pen🖋️🖋️)


“Dad, I badly want to make changes in this country. I want to lead this country someday.” I consulted in my father. My dad smiled and said “It takes more than just passion to lead you know? Most leaders aspired to lead but lacked the true qualities of a leader.” I crossed my legs and listened attentively. 
“A leader is the salt of the nation. A true leader avoids being megalomanic. A leader is one who is ethical. A true leader is one who is thoughtful. A leader is one who is amenable regardless of his position. A true leader must be incorruptible. A leader is one who is appreciative. Most especially, a true leader serves as the compass of the nation. Unfortunately, we are short of leaders with these qualities in this country”. My father stood up and left leaving me to ponder on what he had said.


To the people, their incumbent leader cratered and made their lips cracked. The truth is, his tenure marked huge flop to the aspirations of the people. Yet he is contesting for the coming election, “This can’t be what we desire” marked by the voice of the people.

Sen. Agbo, known as “The man of the people” is also a contestant to the high post. “Tested and Trusted” will surely be found in all his posters, the people in his constituency attested to it.

This could be a claimed truth when he made a speech at a political rally. Sen. Agbo poured out his enticing manifestoes and couched; “my people, this could only be achieved by you being political conscious and supportive in order to make your leaders prove their accountability and probity”. This illuminated the people, I could hear everyone yelling “this is a kind of leader we need”.

© midun


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