The surge of a pandemic;
blood gushes, turns torrent.
Tales of its deeds
kept men on their knees.
And like a bolt from the blues,
it came upon us.
Then arose savants of Asclepius;
medic pundits in the white regalia,
knights with glittering sheaths
unto a fierce battle for souls.
And their lives they deemed to lay
for the salvage of this race.
© Ademola Phocus


This is to all healthcare workers and researchers,
working at a time like this.
By reason of an oath,
you’ve been recruited as soldiers
in the war against the raging pandemic.
Thus, while the rest of us are at home,
you stay at work risking life and family.
This is just to say that your efforts are truly recognized;
for like the soldiers who go to war, you also will forever be remembered
in our hearts for this noble and heroic act of service.
In simple terms, THANK YOU.

© Debbie.


The world went silent when the stranger visited.
Men in power isolate for there’s no cure.
Market women on strike, students on break,
churches and mosque closed,
and everyone went to refuge.
Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists left in the fore front of COVID-19.
Though petrified of going to work, you need go to save lives.
You sacrifice yourself and leave your family for others,
because you believe in saving lives.
No feeling to compare, after God is you.
© James Nkechi Joy


Too long a time we rented space with freedom
and so sudden we fight to pull through.
Maybe the memories of a sad end is birthed
as everyone is drinking from the same pool.
Turbulent times as a race we face.
Ideas lost its home and panic owns our space.
Scare has grown and fed despair to maturity.
Even the world power has lost its identity.
A flip of the memory book, I saw peace;
peace now amputated as nations glimmer.
We will fight this with God and not with pills
Yes we will win because we are over comers.


Here are our accolades;
soaked with the tears of sympathy.
Our hands are bereft
while our souls are already killed
with the fears of the puzzled virus;
the camouflage of death.
We are here airing out our commendations.
Accept them with one heart of love.
May you live to see the end;
Oh soldiers at war
fighting the invisible
on the field filled with the thorns of death.

© Clinton Atanda


We were masqueraded in fears,
all allures died and got buried;
vultures of great times delved
into our decayed rottenness
and chewed them raw, leaving no fragments.
All our tears did were tears
So we leapt and found them
through their lears.
All sullen, whitened like ghosts,
the browning of their brows
masked in immaculate tension,
trying to find succour, they rescued.
Amidst the rolls of being health pavers,
they turned out to be precious savers.

© Joy Olajide


How noble your being is
how true to your words you are!
How far you go for the world’s peace,
is the reason you’re the best by far.
Though everyone is home hooded,
exposed to danger, you still persevere,
seeking for the cure to this COVID-19;
a real hero you truly are.
Tears sprang from the oceans of my eyes,
as I watched you stay away from your family
seeking nothing but to prevent the rise,
in the rate of COVID-19 and its fatality.
Really, the heroes are those
who proffer solutions in times of woes.

© Ummulkhayr


I raise my horn to the legend of peace,
fighting nonstop for the world’s peace.
The enemy of the world;
deadly virus nee CORONA.
Great doctors with great mind
fighting for human oppressor ;
the affluent COVID-19
and never relent.
True legend you’re.
You know the pain of this virus,
but you never fall back.
When the situation is in pieces,
forward ever is your song.

©  Oluwayimikaakiri


Doctors and nurses, Patriots of health
walking along with sick patients on a journey they go through alone.
They say “we do our best but God heals”
but I believe they are the greatest healers
on Earth representing God.
Mortals surviving under the deathly claws
of diseases striving to cure the infected.
Facing and seeing death each day,
bearing the burden of keeping the
lives of humanity.
Their lives on the line with their medicine,
our lives in infection,
running to them to save us soon.

© Sempiternal Melody Phoenix (S.M.P)


Today he wears his gloves,
tomorrow he will wear a smile
to ensure his patients are patient
as he injects away their fears.
Cheers to his soft hands that heal.
Applaud this heart, strong to death;
an oath of life, with blood we seal.
In this doctor, I have seen restoring path.
I am in love with my Doctor
who at the expense of his life
saves the abandoned soul.
Appraise my doctor, He too shall live life.

© Praise Okwuchi


Aberrant assemblage of noble profession
breeding the soul salvagers
among all walks.
Thou appear to be gracious,
thy prowess is incontestable
as it spins off to be irresistible.
Thy elegance attracts perfection
making human in lack of congestion.
Thou provide solutions ethical
to unearth the souls remedial.
Thou save souls with gifted arms
and mend holes with bleeding hands.
Thy attention is incontrovertible
as thy might shall continue to rain.

© Midun


We have a life and a future,
they do too.
We have friends and family,
they do too.
We need to stay safe and protected,
they do too.
But putting us first, they chose to pay the price
of which we all will receive the prize.
With swords coated in love and sacrifice
and shields made of hope and faith,
they lead the victorious fight.
And as we raise our voices in triumph,
Let the trumpets of gold and cymbals of platinum
Ever be sounded in honour of our knights in white armour.

© Olwatomiwa


Here we are in a season of world retreat;
a must for everyone to remain in their hood.
So pitiful that some persons are excluded;
the need at hand warrants their stay away
from home, leaving behind their loved
though their hearts stick closely to them.
They are committed to the work like no other,
some eventually lose their lives just to save others.
This is nothing but service to humanity.
It is nothing but love; so selfless.
What a nature of God! What a Christ-like life!
Kudos to all medical practitioners!
Stay safe, God’s got your back.

© Pope-Chris.


Out there they are,
like soldiers at the war front,
healing and saving lives,
running from wards to wards.
Words are not enough to describe their strengths.
Leaving their families and loved ones
just to help the helpless
and save the dying.
They are indeed replicas of the sacrificial lamb.
Instruments of God’s healing, we hail you.
Your relevance is inestimable.
For the live saving job you do,
you deserve a trophy!!

© Eriikeoluwanimi


Oh what a life!
She lives her life saving lives.
She leaves her family at important moments.
She leaves her family just to save lives.
Oh what a life!
Her life is characterized by selflessness.
She is tired and weak, but who can she tell?
She has only one thing in her agenda – to save lives.
Oh what a life!

© Sanni Omobolade


Let my mighty pen sing out praises to our saviours;
to our greatest risk bearers risking their precious lives to save lives,
to our tender lambs laying down their lives to save the sick.
Praises to our saviours epitomized as our Jesus.
Let my pen sing out praises;
to our saviours dying every day just to make the sick live,
to our saviours working earnestly just as the working clock ticks every day,
to our saviours laying down their lives on the miserable cross of death.
Shall I then compare our saviours to Jesus?

© Ashade Grace (The Pen 🖋 🖋 )


It started gradually from the veldt.
Then it moved on and on to the hills,
to the valley and to the highways.
To the low plateau amongst the grassland
welding its destructive sword all along,
cutting lives off the blessed jungle trees
and making the whale, tiger and the hawk shudder.
Then the hunters stand with the stethoscope,
clad in white combating the disease.
Sleepless night in the hills and on the valleys
hoping to arrest the world serial killer,
putting their precious live along the line,
fighting and shooting tirelessly day and night
for the entire world to be at peace.

© Barnabas


You are given in plenitude
a passel of pure penny
and to the world you give in return.
A cup of mercy every day you sip.
Alas, some eyes are blind
to the slew you’ve saved see.
Woe to those mouths
that to your hearing; sing a scornful song.
Oh Messiah to the millions!
You are the lacks that take other’s lacks.
Stop not the work of generosity
for a day, the world will know your worth.
Heaven shall watch you grow.
Will not dry; the sea of your goodness.

© βαπur


So she left home with a kiss from hubby,
a hug from boys, the girls wrapped in her arm,
her white shirt on and stethoscope placed around her neck perfectly.
There’s a hope she will come back home unharmed.
His wife called him at noon
“When will you be back” she said to him
“With the situations of things presently I don’t know how soon”
With tears in her eyes she said “please be safe for me”.
She put her life on the line
to make sure they are well and sound.
He couldn’t bear watching their health decline.
He was ready to make sure again their feet touch the ground.
To the life of many, they brought sunshine.
Our appreciation knows no bound.



Sapiens Crawler and their
belching inventions all over;
over the green.
She nurtured him,
pampering him than other crawlers.
He turned and bit her hands.
Her eyes were drying,
her scalp bald already.
Now she is sweeping.
Behold the knights
in sparkling holy white!
Interceding with their lives.
Ye knights, sapiens last hope,
We hail the!

© Bee


Thou have been sent from above,
to eliminate mysterious illnesses
and wipe out lethal ones.
The agility you’ve got captured us,
we’ve got no vibes in the loss of you.
The amazement planted in my breath these days
tells me more that you grip the world with your tiny injections.
Oh doctors of all walks and all your accomplices,
fighting industriously to regain the status quo
at the expense of making rid of their last breath.
Sempiternal dexter incentives belong to you.

© Waleeyah Olalekan


When the clime wears a silky garment of darkness,
in the roaring strings of death,
with countless virus victims,
Medical personnel take up the chase,
risking their precious lives,
girdling their loin to brace others,
with tough skin and red eyes,
tireless labour for brothers safety,
they wear their coats moving endlessly for treatment.
As the bleak atmosphere whispers,
they redress their stethoscope,
taking their journey above the moon,
with little attention to their wellbeing.
They’re real heroes of the world,
trying earnestly to end the deadly pandemics,
like warriors on a battle field,
with unrelenting efforts to overcome.

©Israel Eze Jacob


Death race jumped out of screen;
becoming global experience.
Wisdom of men went into extinct,
no knowledge could keep the tragedy.
Science fire cooled up in freezer,
to God all men turned for healing.
Despite all, stood their ground;
medical personnel licking waters with tongues.
They face the furnace,
saving few from ashes.
They took up the challenge to
fight the battle without weariness.
While everyone hid their head on shades,
they got scorched by earth to save.
They do not count their lives as nothing;
they will fight till storm calms!
© AfolaOluwa


We see you through the dim light;
working tirelessly day and night,
going to war with plagues like a knight,
doing it all with all your might
and for others, you deny yourself your right.
It is your right to stay out of danger,
but you choose to be out there like a ranger
saving the life of the one who, to you,  is a stranger.
Thanks to your great boldness, we feel stronger.
Your profession has turned to your passion.
Your passion is laid with an incomparable compassion 
And the love for your patients is beyond comprehension.
To you, savers o life, we give hearty cheers.

© Witty_Pen


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